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Solar Water Pumping System

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Product Description

Water pumping is an ideal application for solar power. Rather than using generator, the proper sizing of a pumping system is difficult when the proper data is not available to replace the existing water pumping system into DC operated pumping system. To overcome this problem we have developed Solar Water Pumping System which runs for the existing pump system without salvaging it. The only requirement to install solar PV modules on structure, connect it to Solar Water Pumping System and existing pumping system, then no need to replace your existing pumps or modify it. No tedious calculation required to replace existing system into DC pumping system. Solar Water Pumping System consists of the specialized pump inverter to be run directly from PV modules, consisting water pump and solar panels. Solar Water Pumping System can be widely used in domestic water, irrigation water, control of desert, animal husbandry, water supply for Sea Island, water treatment projects, etc. directly drives pumping with high reliability, at the same time; it can reduce system cost and maintenance costs.

The system will be controlled and adjusted by Solar Water Pumping System. DC produced by solar panels is switched to AC to drive the water pump. According to the sunlight intensity, it adjusts the output power in real time, and gets the maximum power point tracking (MPPT). It applies to the water pump used three-phase asynchronous motor. It adopts dynamic VI MPPT and optimized PWM control, with fast response and good stability. Fully automatic operation, it can set the range of water pump rotational speed, based on the actual conditions. The main power circuit adopts digital power modules, with high reliability and efficiency up to 98%. It has the complete electric protective functions. And it can choose detection of water level and Control Circuit to prevent overflow and no water. Aluminum alloy casing, protection degree IP41, working temperature: -10-50oC. The company is the topmost Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of various solar products like Solar Street Lights, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Data Logger, Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner, Solar Power Inverter, Solar Power Plants and Solar Water Pumping System in the world.

Features :
  • Easy to install
  • Can be repaired if any problem arise even in small village.
  • Can be used in both mode Solar as well as on electricity
  • Optional battery back-up provision
  • 5 Years warrantee
  • Trouble free operation
  • Can be used in any scale ranging from 0.5 H.P. to 50 H.P.
  • Remote monitoring/ operating optional
  • Choice of pump set can be used
  • No maintenance
  • Prompt after sale services

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